Thursday, May 7, 2009

Animals and flame trees

This is one of the deer that are being raised on Tinian. Just like pigs, cattle, ducks, and goats, some people on the island love venison...

Here are a couple of baby goats that are being raised on Tinian

The flame trees are in full blossom, and are quite beautiful, from the smallest tree to the largest and oldest ones.

This is one of the most beautiful flame trees I have found on the island, and it is right in the park by the dock!

Liz and I decided to take another scooter ride, this time to Fleming Point, and to Dump Coke South.

Dump Coke South has a steep road down to the end, but has great views!

There is a long dirt road to get to the point

Next we took a road to go to Tinian Grotto, where there is a cross that you can see from Fleming Point. Terri and I have tried to take this road before, but the last time we came, it was so overgrown with pricker-bushes, we had to stop and turn back! This time Liz and I were able to get to the end of the road.

This is the entrance to Fleming Point

After this, we headed home, very tired from our adventure.


David Mahmood Pervez said...

I am a U.S Veteran and will be re-locating to Tinan,and plan to open the Best American Diner, as I have owned many Restaurants in Florida.

Kevan said...

That sounds exciting! Looking forward to meeting you when you arrive.