Wednesday, April 22, 2009

XTERRA update: Janet King and Joshua Manglona

As most of you know, two people from Tinian entered the exhausting Xterra triathlon race held on Saipan last Saturday. They were: Janet King and Joshua Manglona!

They are shown above, showing off their 'racing muscles'. Notice the entry numbers on their arms--proving they were official entrants in this race.

XTERRA was completed on Saipan on April 18, 2009. The triathlon is an endurance race that combines swimming, biking, and running.

Joshua Manglona competed in the Saipan XTERRA Championship and came in second in his age division (20-24)!

Janet King also joined XTERRA's short course, the Sport course. Janet did not finish, however, because she chose to aid another competitor who had some problems with his bike:

At the beginning of the bike course, Janet saw a young man in distress: his bike chain had broken and left him stranded. She noticed he was in the Championship course (not in the short course, or running for fun), so she actually swapped bikes with him!

Janet gave him her bike to use, and he gave her his bike. Of course, since his bike was broken, she ended up carrying it, and walking it through the jungle and coral roads, pretty much alone! Everyone else, concentrating on the race, simply biked past her...

After three hours trekking alone (it shows you how good of shape Janet is in!), she emerged from the jungle. At that point she was taken out of the course because of a slight leg injury that would have prevented her from completing the third portion of the triathlon, the run.

Ironically, the person she gave her bike to--Quincy Johnson--won a spot to Maui to compete in the XTERRA Championship there!

However (all things having unintended consequences), Joshua Manglona ended up coming in second to Quincy... the very person Janet gave her bike to! What a strange turn of events!?

Of course, Janet felt really bad about Joshua coming in second, since, had she not aided Quincy, Joshua probably would have won... but she knew she did the right thing and said she'd do it all over again.

Janet has a caring nature, and it is obvious that she genuinely wanted to help someone in need, and who obviously joined the event to win, while she was there only there to have fun. There is no way she could have known what would happen in the end...

In spite of the odd twist of fate, I'm sure both Janet and Joshua had fun in the event; and we all give our hearty congratulations to Joshua Manglona for coming in second! (I'm impressed that anyone can even finish that kind of race, while Joshua was good enough to finish second!)

I hope all of Tinian will congratulate both Janet and Joshua for their efforts in the race!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a magnificent story! It has action, drama, and heart.



Thank you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

im a friend of mr.sam palacios .. i want to know if its true ,,, if mr. sam palacios hes already past away ..htope you answer my questions pls

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