Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's Party time on Tinian!

This weekend is a three day holiday weekend in the CNMI, and Dr. Balachandra, Terri's new supervising MD was coming to Tinian to work at the clinic, and to take in the island of Tinian with his wife April and his two daughters. This called for a celebration, of sorts!?

The new barbecue pit next to the Casino opened on Friday night, and it was very busy. The bar/restaurant at the LoriLynne, where we live, opened tonight also, and it was busy! Two good signs for the prosperity of Tinian.
The Dynasty is getting ready for Chinese New Year the next weekend

The inside has been changed from a Christmas theme to the Chinese theme-- we just love this tree they put up in the entry!

The inside is full of New Years cards and wishes

We stopped at Kammer beach to a party Ernie, the Clinic Director, had given for a clinic staff member who had received a scholarship to go Hawaii to go to nursing school. Flo was busy cooking for everyone... it was very good barbecue!

Terri and Joan discuss boring clinic stuff while I took pictures

The next day, another group gathered to eat lunch with Dr. Balchandra and his family and friends. It was a typical Tinian day... just a little windy.

Terri, Freddie, and Tammy talk while others arrive

Some of the clinic staff were all set for a picnic in the park!

The children were waiting for the eating to begin, and some were camera shy...

no, they are not praying... just shy!

That's what I should have been doing! There is nothing like a good nap.

There was lots of good food and friendly people

Let the playing begin!

Terri has a new friend! This is Dr. Balachandra's youngest daughter-- just too cute!

I think she disagreed with the point Dr Balachandra was making! Or it was simply her way of saying: less talk, more food!

More clinic staff gather around to watch some playing cards

Terri and Dr. Balachandra discuss boring clinic stuff, while I take pictures...

The children seemed to gather in their own groups, away from the adults
While others learned how to play soccer!

Dr. Balachandra's older daughter rinses off after an afternoon of sea and sand...

unfortunately, by the time her younger sister arrived, the water spout had disappeared!

The clinic staff continue to play games as Terri and I said goodbye

We took the long way home, and discovered a goat and her two kids hiding in the bushes

This is the view from the Suicide Cliff overlook in the park above, looking down on the monument below.

This is what it looks like from below, looking up. You can see the caves in the side of the hill where the Japanese could look out and keep watch on the Allies below.

Marpo Point as seen from the Suicide Cliff monument

Although it is hard to see, the Wildlife Park sits on the hill above this inlet

The sea-wall along the east side of the island is always an awesome sight!

The waves constantly crash against the side of the island

Just another great day on a tropical island... tough life, eh?

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Jennifer Asplund said...

Hey, any reason to party! Isn't that funny that it's a three-day weekend here, too (MLK, Jr. Day).