Thursday, October 25, 2007

Odds and ends

One of the few drawbacks of walking is that you occasionally get caught in one of the tropical downpours. Terri and I have usually been very lucky. Every morning as we walk to the Hospital, the rain seems to end just long enough. And even at noon, when Terri walks home for lunch, or at night coming home from work, Terri seems to catch a break in the weather. But not yesterday! Even with an umbrella in hand she came in soaking wet. It was a sight!

Charlotte (our personal spider) has outdone herself this time! She seems to have caught an insect much larger than she is...perhaps she is putting in her years supply of food storage. This is an inside joke for Mormons. For those unfamiliar with Mormon culture, we have been taught to be wise like the ant in the fable, and store food away--often a year's worth--for bad times. It sometimes becomes quite a comedy when Mormons move, and have to decide what to do with all the food they have squirreled away!

We have become very comfortable in our little apartment at the LoriLynn Hotel. We still have a desire to find a two bedroom home to move into, but there are none available, and we are happy where we are, so we are in no hurry! We occasionally hear of homes either in the hills, or in some odd location, but since we are content where we are, we can be choosy about where and when we move into a home.

One of the unusual sports one can find on Tinian is wild chicken hunting. Oh, yes, that’s what I said! Wild chicken hunting (those who are really brave go after the roosters). Many people on the island keep chickens in their yards. Over time, the chickens have migrated into the bush, and they have multiplied. So some take their cross-bows (no guns, please!), and go chicken hunting! It has to be a very difficult sport...I have seen how fast those chickens run! It is just another of Tinian’s unique island traditions.

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